Caldera oni

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Caldera oni
Fire yai
A caldera oni.

Caldera oni,1 also known as fire yai,234 are oni who resemble three-eyed fire giants, although being natural shapechangers, they can assume many other humanoid forms as well.1


Caldera oni wear finely crafted armor, and their skin is as red as smouldering embers.1


Caldera oni can transform themselves into a flying cloud of volcanic ash. While battling, they can engage in a fiery dance that intensifies their heat as they land rapid strikes against foes, eventually striking their opponent with volcanic lightning. Foes who deal powerful blows against a caldera oni also empower it to engage in these displays of strength once again.1

Like all oni, caldera oni can change their shape and fly, but also panic in the presence of beans.1


Caldera oni are hot-tempered warmongers who revel in warfare and conquest and engage in combat out of sheer joy. Caldera oni respect those who put up a challenging fight and offer such foes the opportunity to serve alongside them.1


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