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This article is about mythic individuals. For the goblin pantheon of demigods, see Goblin hero-gods.

Hero-god is the name given to mortals blessed with mythic powers that elevate them above other people. They appear in multiple cultures of Golarion but are particularly associated with Arcadia1 and Iblydos.23 Their mortality is often all that separates them from divinity.4


The Arcadian hero-god Psomeira.

With their incredible power, hero-gods have shaped history in the region in which they were active.

In Arcadia

In the Arcadian nation of Xopatl, their hero-gods—also known as saints, or yans and yantis—were granted power by a weaker shard that split from the Starstone that crashed into the Mildanesi Mountains. This granted power was not limitless, and over the centuries it gradually waned.1

The hero-gods of Xopatl effectively created the landscape of modern Xopatl by using their mythic powers to wear down an entire mountain range. Beyond this, their powerful abilities allowed the hero-gods to declare independence from the then all-powerful Razatlan Empire, causing the empire to crumble. They also helped Xopatl weather the Age of Darkness with greater ease than most other nations.1

  • Purnállo, the only living Xopatli hero-god, mummified herself while still alive and continues to be worshipped at the temple known as the House of Yanti Purnállo.5
  • Quldari, one of the last of the Xopatli hero-gods, is most famous for building Quldari's Vault, which is said to contain everything Xopatl will ever need to defend itself.5
  • Ulvedro, whose fortress in the Mildanesi Mountains protected the fledgling nation of Xopatl from the Razatlan Empire and later became a centre of mystical enlightenment.6

In Iblydos

Inhabitants of the island nation of Iblydos primarily worship their hero-gods, though they also worship other divine entities. Iblydan hero-gods are spoken into existence by cyclopean myth-speakers24 whose powers have declined since Aroden's death.2

Other hero-gods

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Hero-gods also appear in art or stories of ancient Ghol-Gan,9 Mzali,10 and at the Divine Garden,11 and in vanara settlements12 of Vudra.


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