Faceless Idol of the Hungering God

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This enormous idol stands in a northern corner of the vault known as the Land of Black Blood, in Orv. It depicts a pot bellied figure with dog-like legs and a mouth full of sharp teeth. However its face lacks any other features, hence the name of Faceless Idol of the Hungering God.

A number of the vault's denizens venerate the idol, but it plays a particularly large role in the religion of the chardas. they hold religious ceremonies here every 12 days, and do not tolerate intruders. They consider the idol to be a representation of one of their deities, Orgesh, and leave offerings of food on the altar at its base.

For whatever reason, the idol does have magical properties. Those who approach it but do not leave an offering of food risk being cursed for a day, whilst those who participate in the sacrifice of a sentient humanoid on the altar receive a blessing for the same period.

The ancient carvers of the idol also built the nearby city of Orgeshta.1