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Protecting the Firelight

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Pathfinder Society Scenario #5-08: Protecting the Firelight
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Book - Pathfinder Society (2E) scenario

Protecting the Firelight, a Pathfinder Society scenario written by Jacob W. Michaels for tier 5-8, was released on December 20, 2023.

The Pathfinder Society is invited by Mayor Deyahi to take part in a special traditional ceremony known as the Festival of Fire! This ceremony has been performed for generations and is always an honor for the group of warriors chosen to defend the sacred bonfire. While it's expected that there will be several spirits and undead appearing throughout the evening, what Niishan is unaware of is the fact that an unknown figure has been watching the ceremony for its entirety, waiting for the time that the warriors are weak enough to make their move. With the Pathfinders appearing to fill this role, they see their chance to attack and make Niishan feel their ancient wrath. It's up to the PCs to hold off this villain and the other spirits, ensuring that the ceremony is successful and Niishan remains safe!

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