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The Swordlord's Challenge

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Pathfinder Society Quest #14: The Swordlord's Challenge
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Book - Pathfinder Quests
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April 2023

The Swordlord's Challenge, a Pathfinder Quest for tier 1–4 written by Tineke Bolleman, was released in April 2023. It is the first quest to be published in Series 2.

An Aldori swordlord who fought alongside Pathfinders years ago is looking for a way to push her students harder. She issues a challenge to Marcos Farabellus, the Master of Swords, boasting that her most promising young pupils can defeat any Marcos has trained. She stakes her pride as a teacher and a powerful weapon she used during the Fifth Crusade on the outcome. Marcos both believes such a relic, taken to the very heart of the Worldwound, would be an excellent addition to the Society's vaults and that the PCs are the perfect students on which to stake his own pride. The PCs must do their utmost to justify the faith he has placed in them and win a great victory—and perhaps a new ally—for the Pathfinder Society.

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