Year of Shattered Sanctuaries

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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world. This article contains spoilers for the following products: Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Season 3

Artwork used on the covers of this season's scenarios.
This article covers the third season of the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign for Pathfinder Second Edition. For the third season using the Pathfinder First Edition rules, also designated "Season 3", see Season 3 summary.

Season 3 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign for Pathfinder Second Edition runs from August 2021 to July 2022. The season is referred to as the Year of Shattered Sanctuaries.

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview

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Season 3 releases

The following adventures have been announced as part of PF2 Season 3 but could change upon release.

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level tier, metaplot arc, venture-captain assigning the mission, faction metaplot, location, or country.

PFS# Title Tier Metaplot/Notes Venture-Captain Faction Location Country
3-01 Year of Shattered Sanctuaries 1-4 Metaplot (introduction to season), Repeatable Absalom
3-02 East Hill Haunting, TheThe East Hill Haunting 1-4 Metaplot Andoran
3-03 Echoes of Desperation 3-6 Finze Bellaugh Envoy's Alliance Vidrian
3-04 Devil-Wrought Disapperance, TheThe Devil-Wrought Disappearance 3-6 Metaplot Cheliax
3-05 Inheritor's Rite 1-4 Metaplot Almas Andoran
3-06 Struck by Shadows 3-6 Metaplot Absalom
3-07 Locked Lodge, TheThe Locked Lodge 3-6 Metaplot Cheliax
3-08 Foundation's Price 1-4 Metaplot Sedaq Qadira
3-09 The Secluded Siege 5-8 Metaplot Norden Balentiir Sothis Osirion
3-10 Delve the Pallid Depths 1-4 Luna Aldred Droskar's Crag Andoran
3-11 No Time for Treason 3-6 Metaplot Gloriana Morilla Oppara Taldor
3-12 Fury's Toll 1-4 Metaplot Envoy's Alliance Sedaq Qadira
3-13 Guardian's Covenant 3-6 Repeatable Bjersig Torrsen and Calisro Bennary Port Valen Arcadia
3-14 The Tomb Between Worlds 5-8 Metaplot Norden Balentiir Horizon Hunters and Vigilant Seal Sothis Osirion
3-99 Fate in the Future 1-8 Glyph Galt