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Salt of the Ocean

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Pathfinder Society Special #6-00: Salt of the Ocean
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Book - Pathfinder Society (2E) scenario
Rule set
PDF (Gen Con release)
August 1, 2024
PDF (General release)
August 27, 2025

Salt of the Ocean, a Pathfinder Society special written by Rigby Bendele and Jacob W. Michaels for tier 1–8, is expected to be released for Pathfinder Society GMs for play exclusively at conventions in August 2024 and to the general public on August 27, 2025.

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In the Eye of Abendego, the storm has receded just enough to reveal two particularly interesting new sites: one is a wrecked Pathfinder ship and the other an ancient island associated with prophesiers and demons. With some help from an old pirate friend, the Pathfinders are kitted up in order to investigate these two new occurrences, however it seems like she wasn't the only pirate with her eyes on these strange new prizes. The Society will have the face the dangers of sea and storm as they sail to their goal, hoping to beat their rivals to the hidden secrets!

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