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RPG Superstar 2014

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RPG Superstar 2014
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RPG Superstar 2014 began on December 10, 2013, and ran through March 11, 2014. Instead of a stable panel of judges each round with a single guest judge, RPG Superstar 2014 featured a wider panel of judges, each contributing to a single round. The contest was the last to be hosted by Paizo designer Sean K Reynolds.

Judges for the contest included Peter Adkison, Rich Baker, Judy Bauer, John Compton, Liz Courts, Adam Daigle, Crystal Frasier, Lee Hammock, James Jacobs, Rob Lazzaretti, Frank Mentzer, Russ Morrissey, Patrick Renie, and Amber Scott.1

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On March 11, 2014, Paizo announced that Victoria Jaczko was 2014's RPG Superstar for her module pitch for Daughters of Fury, which was released in February 2015.2

Paizo published the RPG Superstar finalists' works as the three-part Scions of the Sky Key arc, with Robert Brookes's On Sharrowsmith's Trail released in January 2015, Mike Kimmel's Kaava Quarry released in February 2015, and Mikko Kallio's The Golden Guardian released in March 2015.

Top 4

On February 18, 2014, Paizo revealed the Top 4 finalists in the 2014 RPG Superstar contest. Each won the opportunity to write a Pathfinder Society Scenario in the following year, and Paizo would publish the winner's proposed Pathfinder Module. The Top 4 contestants were each tasked with writing a proposal for a 64-page Pathfinder adventure, to be decided by the public in a secret vote held over the course of a week.3

Contestants advancing as far as the Top 4 were
Robert Brookes Mikko Kallio Mike Kimmel

Top 16

On February 4, 2014, 16 competitors advanced to Round 3 after a week of public voting on their Round 2 monster submissions. One competitor's monster was disqualified, and he was replaced by an alternate. Each competitor was then tasked with creating an encounter with tactical map for judging during Round 3. Unlike previous years, instead of the field halving to a Top 8, only 4 contestants would advance to Round 4.4

Contestants advancing as far as the Top 16 were
Tyler Beck Andrew Marlowe
James Casey Joseph Kellogg
Tripp Elliott Jacob W. Michaels
Brian Fruzen Mark Nordheim
Emmanuel Greene Mikael Sebag
Richard MalenaA Christopher Wasko

Top 32

Of the hundreds of contestants who submitted wondrous items for Round 1 of the contest, Paizo announced the Top 32 entrants on January 21, 2014. Each of these contestants submitted a new monster for public voting to determine the Top 16.5 Adam Donald reached the Top 32 but was disqualified as he reached the Top 8 of RPG Superstar 2012.6

Contestants advancing as far as the Top 32 were
Casey Clements Michele La Barbera
Clay Clouser Brian Lefebvre
Tyler Cowart Kalervo Oikarinen
Adam DonaldD Michael Patrick
Brian Duckwitz Iain Reid
Terry Dutton Calder Rooney
Sam Harris Andrew Shumate
Peter Johansen Jesse Southwick
Bryan Jones Andrew Umphrey


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