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Year of Factions' Favor

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This article focuses on the tenth season of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild. For information on the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild season of the same name, see Season of Factions' Favor.
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Season 9 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign runs from August 2017 to July 2018. The season is referred to as the Year of Factions' Favor due to the large role of the Pathfinder Society's various factions.

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview

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This season's metaplot details will be revealed after Gen Con 2018.

The Pathfinder Society finds itself in trouble as several of the organizations enemies conspire to take their revenge, bringing war to Absalom and peril to the Inner Sea. The Society's many factions seize a new chance to prove their value, one that may leave them changed forever.

In adventures and trials that would become the crucible for the transformation of these factions the Pathfinders averted the invasion, journey to the shores of Heaven itself, uncover hidden secrets, and vanquish an ageless mind-stealing evil. Players use faction resources to shut down an exploitative consortium, thwart a league of dangerous villains, and oust an infamous tyrant. One faction leader's schemes betray the cause he had champions for years, and it is left to the Pathfinders to decide whether or not to rescue him from the dire consequences of his actions.1

Season 9 releases

The following adventures have been announced as part of Season 9 but could change upon release.

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level tier, metaplot arc, venture-captain assigning the mission, faction metaplot, location, or country.

PFS# Title Tier Metaplot/Notes Venture-Captain Faction Location Country
9-00 Assault on Absalom 1-11 Year of Factions' Favor Convention Special 2017 Marcos Farabellus None Cairnlands, Flotsam Graveyard Absalom
9-01 Cost of Enlightenment, TheThe Cost of Enlightenment 1-5 Esmayl ibn Qaradi None Qaharid Qadira
9-02 Case of Missing Persons, AA Case of Missing Persons 3-7 Eliza Petulengro Liberty's Edge Woodsedge Galt
9-03 On the Border of War 5-9 Alvar Hadrias None Restov, Zmeyka Brevoy
9-04 Unseen Inclusion, TheThe Unseen Inclusion 1-5 Diya Akan Scarab Sages Merab Thuvia
9-05 Call of the Copper Gate 3-7 Ambrus Valsin Dark Archive Grand Lodge, Arcanamirium, Blakros Museum Absalom
9-06 Shores of Heaven, TheThe Shores of Heaven 1-5 Ambrus Valsin Silver Crusade Absalom, Heaven's Shore Heaven
9-07 Salvation of the Sages 7-11 Diya Akan Scarab Sages Merab, Resa Thuvia
9-08 Birthright Betrayed 1-5 Muesello Sovereign Court Ridonport Taldor
9-09 Beyond the Halflight Path 3-7 Evergreen Sheila Heidmarch None Kaer Maga Varisia
9-10 Signs in Senghor 1-5 Finze Bellaugh The Exchange Eleder, Senghor, Boali Sargava, Mwangi Expanse
9-11 Jarlsblood Witch Saga, TheThe Jarlsblood Witch Saga 5-9 Bjersig Torrsen Sovereign Court Iceferry, Frostbreach Lands of the Linnorm Kings
9-12 Shrine of the Sacred Tempest 1-5 Amara Li Silver Crusade Hisuikarasu, Yiangma Kwanlai
9-13 Lion's Justice, TheThe Lion's Justice 7-11 Prelude to Crownfall Muesello Sovereign Court Oppara Taldor
9-14 Down the Verdant Path 1-5 Brackett Concordance of Elements Bellis, Verduran Forest Andoran, First World
9-15 Bloodcove Blockade, TheThe Bloodcove Blockade 3-7 Fola Barun and Guaril Karela The Exchange Bloodcove Mwangi Expanse
9-16 Fallen Family, Broken Name 1-5 Pathfinder Quests Brackett None Almas, Elidir, Valten, Umok Andoran, Isger
9-17 Oath of the Overwatched 5-9 Unknown Ambrus Valsin Dark Archive Blakros Museum Absalom
9-18 Scourge of the Farheavens 1-5 Unknown Jorsal of Lauterbury None Mishkar Iobaria
9-19 Clash in Kaimuko Wood 5-9 Unknown Amara Li Silver Crusade Hisuikarasu, Kaimuko Wood Kwanlai, Tianjing
9-20 Fury of the Final Blade 7-11 Unknown Eliza Petulengro Liberty's Edge Rosehaven, Isarn Galt
9-21 In the Grandmaster's Name 3-7 Grandmaster Torch and Mulhia al-Jakri None (Ambrus Valsin) Grand Lodge Kerse Druma
9-22 Grotto of the Deluged God 1-5 Unknown Calisro Benarry Concordance of Elements Tempest Cay, Drenchport Shackles
9-23 The Ghol-Gan Heresy 7-11 Unknown Fola Barun The Exchange Eleder, Kaddodi Sargava, Kaava Lands
9-24 Beneath Unbroken Waves 5-9 Unknown Rashmivati Melipdra Concordance of Elements Niswan Jalmeray
9-25 Betrayal in the Bones 12-15 Mulhia al-Jakri and Thurl Ambrus Valsin Grand Lodge Taal Mornat Five Kings Mountains