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Year of the Serpent

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Year of the Serpent logo.

Season 7 of the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild campaign runs from August 2015 to July 2016. The season is referred to as the Year of the Serpent due to the involvement of the Pathfinder Society with the Aspis Consortium.

At the end of Season 6, all factions remained unchanged going into Season 7.

Metaplot and ongoing plots overview

This season's metaplot details were revealed after Gen Con 2016.

The Pathfinder Society's rivalry with the Aspis Consortium comes to a head when a subgroup of Aspis agents calling itself the Korholm Agenda executes an attack on the Grand Lodge. In the wake of the attack, the Society dedicates itself to finding the agents responsible, something they're only able to do with the help of a disillusioned informant from within the Consortium.

Society agents across Golarion would work to disrupt and outwit and outmaneuver the consortium. By infiltrating black market operations, lavish parties, high-stakes negotiations, and everything in between Pathfinders were able to uncover the plots of the consortium. Other Pathfinders sought to launch expeditions into regions that would reject the Society’s presence, like Cheliax, and work to cement new allies in places where the Society’s foothold was in danger, like Nirmathas. By disgracing and defeating the Korholm Agenda and undoing their plot, the Pathfinder Society gains the upper hand and reestablishes an uneasy truce with its longtime rivals.1

Season 7 releases

The following adventures have been announced as part of Season 7 but could change upon release.

This table can be sorted by scenario number, title, level tier, metaplot arc, venture-captain (or other official) assigning the mission, faction metaplot, location, or country.

PFS# Title Tier Metaplot/Notes V-C Faction Location Country
7-00 Sky Key Solution, TheThe Sky Key Solution 1-11 Year of the Sky Key Convention Special 2015 Kreighton Shaine None Bloodwatered Meadow Absalom
7-01 Between the Lines 1-5 Wulessa Yuul None Katapesh (city) Katapesh
7-02 Six Seconds to Midnight 3-7 Holgarin Smine None Uringen River Kingdoms
7-03 Bronze House Reprisal, TheThe Bronze House Reprisal 5-9 Sheila Heidmarch None Magnimar Varisia
7-04 Ironbound Schism, theThe Ironbound Schism 7-11 Calisro Benarry Scarab Sages Flintyreach Ironbound Archipelago
7-05 School of Spirits 1-5 Sequel to Black Waters Drandle Dreng Liberty's Edge Drownyard Absalom
7-06 Lost Legacy, TheThe Lost Legacy 3-7 To Judge a Soul Bakten Shengrah None New Oppara, Ayajinbo, Dallo Amanandar, Jinin, Wanshou
7-07 Trouble in Tamran 1-5 Serpents Rise metaplot Ambrus Valsin None Tamran Nirmathas
7-08 Karma Reclaimed 3-7 To Judge a Soul Ishigo Shiori None New Oppara, Wild Peaks Amanadar, Zi Ha
7-09 Blakros Connection, TheThe Blakros Connection 5-9 Serpents Rise metaplot Kreighton Shaine None Absalom, Dimension of Dreams Absalom
7-10 Consortium Compact, TheThe Consortium Compact 1-2 2015 Evergreen scenario Ambrus Valsin None Diobel Absalom
7-11 Ancients' Anguish 7-11 Roderus and Tahonikepsu Scarab Sages Katapesh (city) Nex
7-12 Twisted CircleThe Twisted Circle 1-5 Roderus None Alkenstar, Mercy Mana Wastes
7-13 Captive in Crystal 5-9 Kreighton Shaine and Zarta Dralneen Grand Lodge Crystal Womb Darklands
7-14 Let Bygones Be 1-5 Faithless and Forgotten Marcos Farabellus None Corentyn, Anglemire Cheliax
7-15 Deepmarket Deception, TheThe Deepmarket Deception 3-7 Serpents Rise metaplot Amara Li Lantern Lodge Deepmarket Goka
7-16 Lost Colony of Taldor 1-5 Faithless and Forgotten Zefiro Balinger None Corentyn, Khari, Ibhir Cheliax
7-17 Thralls of the Shattered God 5-9 Sequel to The Traitor's Lodge Jorsal of Lauterbury and Ollysta Zadrian Silver Crusade Nerosyan, Storasta Worldwound
7-18 Infernal Inheritance, The The Infernal Inheritance 1-5 Faithless and Forgotten Zarta Dralneen and Tamrin Credence Dark Archive Ostenso Cheliax
7-19 Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts 3-7 Sequel to Hall of the Flesh Eaters Calisro Benarry None Gloomspires Arcadian Ocean
7-20 First Taste of Eternity 12-15 All for Immortality Marcos Farabellus Pashow Thuvia
7-21 Sun Orchid Scheme, The The Sun Orchid Scheme 1-5 Gloriana Morilla and Lady Ziralia Sovereign Court Pashow Thuvia
7-22 Bid for Alabastrine 1-5 Serpents Rise metaplot Brackett and Aaqir al'Hakam The Exchange Path of Commencement, Kerse Isger, Druma
7-23 Abducted in Aether 7-11 Serpents Rise metaplot Sorrina Westyr Grand Lodge Absalom, Veiled Bazaar, Dabril Absalom, Ethereal Plane, Galt
7-24 Dead Man's Debt 1-5 Aya Allahe None Nantambu, Jalunth Mwangi Expanse
7-25 Orders from the Gate 5-9 Sheila Heidmarch Dark Archive Menador Mountains Cheliax
7-26 All the Gods Beyond 12-152 All for Immortality Part 2 Marcos Farabellus Nidal
7-27 Beyond Azlant Ridge 3-7 Sequel to Rescue at Azlant Ridge Aya Allahe None Terwa Uplands Mwangi Expanse
7-28 Ageless Ambitions 7-11 Marcos Farabellus and Gloriana Morilla Sovereign Court Aspenthar Thuvia
7-29 Serpents Fall 12-152 All for Immortality Part 3 Marcos Farabellus Ostenso Cheliax
7-98 Serpents' Ire3 8 Serpents Rise metaplot Aspis Consortium Wirholt's Rictus Nidal
7-99 Through Maelstrom Rift 6 Ashasar Concordance Maelstrom Plane of Air