Sand golem

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Sand golem

9 (sand and quicksand);
11 (gravel)
Source: Construct Handbook, pg(s). 46

Sand golems are a type of golem made from soft earth and sand. They can easily withstand the temperature of the desert and expel fiery sand from their chest. Sand golems are usually employed to retrieve ancient relics from tombs and ruins, or to hide within the sand to surprise any trespassers that come nearby. A sand golem is 10 feet tall and weighs 3,000 pounds.1


Quicksand golems, built to deal with large settlements outside of deserts, cannot fire blistering sand but instead can create areas of quicksand in the nearby area.1

Gravel golems, made from soil particles larger than sand, are usually bigger and stronger, but more expensive, than normal sand golems. They are usually seen in places where fine sand is rare.1

On Golarion

Sand golems were first employed by the Jistka Imperium in its early history as cheap and cost-effective soldiers, but were later phased out and replaced by stronger creatures when Jistka's enemies began employing outsiders. The knowledge of how to build sand golems were lost for centuries after Jistka's fall until rediscovered by Osirian golem crafters delving into Jistkan tombs; they have since been used as guards stationed in the desert around Osirian cities.1


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