Wax golem

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Wax golem

3 (non-sentient)
4, or varies by class level (sentient)
Source: Ashes at Dawn, pg(s). 90

Wax golems are constructs deliberately made to resemble a specific person. Composed of wax and imbued with magic, these golems can appear so lifelike that they are sometimes mistaken for the actual people they resemble. Wax golems can be sculpted in the image of any person or creature the builder wishes and has the artistry to craft.1


A wax golem has a small chance of gaining actual sentience, and might even believe itself to be a living person.2 The longer the golem remains functioning, the larger the chance it has at gaining this consciousness.31 If the wax golem was created in a particular person's image then it has the ability to easily disguise itself to resemble the person, and even moreso might even try to emulate that person's lifestyle.1


The golem's body is crafted from a block of wax that weighs about 1,000 pounds. Skill at sculpture is required to create the final form, which has a metal wire underframe and is treated with wax mold. Various spells are then cast to animate the golem.4

On Golarion

The Blakros Museum's collection includes wax golems produced by the Golemworks of Magnimar. They remain inanimate and used in exhibit displays, and are activated only to defend the museum.5