Ioun golem

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Ioun golem
Type Construct
CR 17
Environment Any

Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 88

Ioun golems are a type of golem made from silver (which serves as the frame), brass (which conducts the energy animating the golem), and platinum (which is used for the six slots containing ioun stones). The ioun golem is crafted to store magical energy and siphon it from sources like ioun stones. Although considered to be the pinnacle of Azlanti research into electro-thaumaturgy and a model of Azlanti supremacy, the true creators of ioun golems were the veiled masters. Most ioun golems were destroyed in Earthfall alongside Azlant, and the art of crafting one was also mostly lost; surviving ones are rare and considered a status symbol among alghollthus. A typical ioun golem stands 12 feet tall and weighs close to 1,200 pounds.[1]