Inubrix golem

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Inubrix golem

Source: Construct Handbook, pg(s). 44

Inubrix golems are a type of golem whose body incorporates inubrix, a skymetal that can pass through iron and readily accept magical enhancements from necromancy. Unlike other golems, inubrix golems are animated by negative energy; they can walk in the air; and they expel a yellowish gas that deadens the senses of their victims. Most golem builders craft inubrix golems with a skeletal aesthetic, which adds to their mystique. Inubrix golems are 11 feet tall, weigh 5,000 pounds, and constantly emit a low bass rumble.1


Abysibrix golems are made from an alloy of inubrix and abysium, a skymetal that glows blue-green and sickens creatures exposed to it. Abysibrix golems are sturdier than inubrix golems but cannot phase through iron.1

Ghost metal golems, enhanced for assassination, lose their breath attack but can phase into the Ethereal Plane. They are relatively aggressive, but still obey their creators.1

On Golarion

Inubrix golems are extremely rare on Golarion and can only be found where access to skymetals is easy. They were first crafted in Numeria by the Technic League to serve as scouts and shock troops, but turned out ill-suited for both tasks, as they can neither communicate with their creators nor harm robots made from iron. They do not make good bodyguards, being unable to block iron weapons, but can be hidden behind iron walls to ambush unsuspecting foes. Some Technic League officers employed inubrix golems to assassinate their rivals, but it took little time for survivors to line their lairs with materials other than iron.1


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