Junk golem

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Junk golem
Type Construct
CR 4
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 132

Junk golems are a type of golem constructed from rubbish, trash and spare parts. Typically the size of a normal human, they often leave a trail of debris and detritus behind them.[1]


Aside from trying to batter opponents in combat, this type of golem carries in its trash-encased fists filth and disease. Wounds created by a junk golem often fester and, if not treated, become infected.

The golem also has the unique ability to fall apart into a trash heap, which can independently move about and attack as a debris swarm. This ability is advantageous to the golem as it can then incorporate other junk into its form thereby gaining a small form of regeneration.[1]


The golem's body is crafted from piles of assorted litter and scrap of up to 250 pounds, mixed with another 200 gold pieces' worth of spare metal and copper wire. A skilled arcane spellcaster can then use the wire to enwrap the spare parts into a humanoid form and animate it.[1]