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Mios, iconic thaumaturge.

Iconic character
Source: Dark Archive (sourcebook), pg(s). 31ff.
This article covers the research-oriented class. For the prestige class, see thaumaturgist.
See also: Thaumaturgy and occultist

The thaumaturge has seen every creature and knows every secret. They are a versatile and valuable asset to any group facing the unknown, combining their skill at arms with their ability emphasize on a monster's weakness with countless supernatural trinkets and mystic implements.1


Thaumaturges each have a special object of symbolic meaning: their implement, a supernatural and powerful tool. Its powers vary depending on the type of object that represents the implement: amulets like lucky coins or religious symbols bring luck and safeguard from harm; bells, drums, and other one-handed musical instruments represent the power of emotions and sounds; chalices, goblets, and various small vessels are associated with restoration, nourishment, and life; light sources like lanterns and torches banish shadows and reveal the truth beneath them; mirrors are symbols of misdirection, illusion, and sleight of hand, changing the way people look at things; regalia like scepters, jeweled orbs, and heraldic banners embody rulership, leadership, and social influence; tomes, books, clay tablets, and other sources of knowledge represent forgotten knowledge and supernatural insights; wand implements are connected to magic and energy; and weapons, always one-handed, are symbols of fighting, struggle, and sometimes violence.2

While implements are thaumaturges' primary tools when dealing with the supernatural, they also collect and carry various other paranormal objects and items used in folk practices.2

On Golarion

Notable thaumaturges

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