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Kess, iconic Taldan brawler.
Region Any, particularly the Hold of Belkzen, Shackles, and River Kingdoms
Races Any
Iconic character Kess
Images of brawlers

Source: Advanced Class Guide, pg(s). 23ff.

Brutal and direct, brawlers train to dominate in stripped-down, close-quarters combat by relying on their bodies as weapons and focused agility for defense. Not to be confused with the mystic combat of monks or the technical focus of fighters, brawlers excel at adapting their fighting styles for each bout and strive for the perfect one-punch knockout.[1]

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Brawlers seek out conflict, which draws most of them to such hotspots as:

Elsewhere, brawlers can also be found picking fights in:


There are no known restrictions on the race of a brawler.


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Notable Brawlers