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Nation Hold of Belkzen
Region Smokespur
Size Large city
Population 11,320
Demographics 9,510 orcs, 792 half-orcs, 566 humans, 230 giants, 222 others
Government Overlord
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Hundux Half-Man

Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 17

Wyvernsting is the second largest settlement in Belkzen by population. It is located in the northeastern-most spur of the Kodar Mountains, surrounded by a high wooden stockade. It controls one of the Belkzen's rare forests and is close to the valuable and dangerous beasts of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to the north, bringing wealth and power to its rulers. The Murdered Child clan, led by Hundux Half-Man, occupies Wyvernsting from their headquarters in Fort Hundux. It is said that Hundux is preparing for an assault on Urgir.[1]

Wyvernsting is located near the mouth of Cleftbone Canyon. The steep slopes of the surrounding mountains cloak the city in shadow for most of the day allowing the light-sensitive orcs to be easily active even during daylight hours. The tunnels and chambers that honeycomb the walls of the Cleftbone Canyon are home to the wyvern-riders of the Wingripper tribe, close allies of the Murdered Child.[2]