Aroden's Eye

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Aroden's Eye is a rocky mountain with a circular hole 150 feet wide in the northeastern World's Edge Mountains of Taldor, east of the Thousand Relics Pass. It was named due to the similarity between its shape and Aroden's holy symbol, and was a frequent pilgrimage site for Arodenites, enough to support a small monastery consisting of twelve structures connected by rope bridges and narrow stairways.12

After Aroden's death, the pilgrimages stopped, tithes no longer came, and the now-powerless clerics of Aroden abandoned the temple, except the old, bitter Leomaris Gurgin, who converted to the worship of Groetus. The desecrated temple has since then been inhabited by the Last Acolytes, a clan of harpies whom Gurgin converted to his new faith, and a handful of lunar nagas who serve as their astrologers. They sacrifice captives and recklessly summon murderous proteans, attracting redcaps and animate dreams in the process. Travellers report nightmares, with eerily similar descriptions of the mountain and a howling moon.2


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