Concord of Peers

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Concord of Peers

Merchant council
Speaker of the Concord, Jorgyz Erasyn
Regional (Ular Kel)
Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 58

The rise of the Concord of Peers marks a strange new direction in the power structure of the Karazh capital of Ular Kel. The Concord of Peers controls the southernmost of the Water Houses and so is considered one of the three 'Water Lords' of the city, but instead of an hereditary family head (like Azat Ihnkara of House Ihnkara or Comelis Nurasili of House Nurasili), it is made up of an egalitarian group of powerful merchants with the current speaker for the group being Jorgyz Erasyn. While this new development has not exactly warped the political landscape of Ular Kel, it has inspired people to begin imagining what are more fair and just Ular Kel might look like.1