Spire of Azi

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The Spire of Azi is a temple devoted to Sarenrae and is the tallest building in the Karazh capital of Ular Kel reaching above even the colossal Water Houses that serve the ruling Water Lords as palaces. The spire can be seen from many miles away across the Grass Sea as a golden needle piercing the sky. The Spire of Azi was built atop the site where Goerel, a priestess of Sarenrae, fought off a rampaging azi dragon, thus saving Ular Kel from total destruction. This act has ensured that, despite the city's general distrust of all things Kelesh, Sarenrae is one of the most popular gods of the city, alongside Abadar.1

The flared base of the Spire of Azi contains a beautiful temple but, nowadays, the spire is most famous for the mystics who every day climb the spire to stare directly into Sarenrae's physical manifestation, the sun. This practice results in this mystics going blind while trying to gain a greater understanding of Sarenrae's divine will. While many foreign worshippers view this practice as barbaric, none can deny the oracular power granted to many of those mystics willing to pay the so-called "Blinding Price".1


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