Crimson Reclaimers

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Crimson Reclaimers
Clarethe Iomedar, de facto leader of the Crimson Reclaimers.

Clarethe Iomedar (De facto)
Decentralized (temporary camps or councils)
Reclaim and rebuild Lastwall; protect Avistan and beyond from the undead; destroy the Whispering Tyrant, his minions, and other forces of undeath
Oath-bound knights
Source: Character Guide, pg(s). 88

The Crimson Reclaimers are one of the two major factions of the Knights of Lastwall, alongside the Shining Sentinels. Started by Clarethe Iomedar, the group are far more likely than their counterparts to be found deep within the Gravelands on dangerous missions that require subterfuge and stealth.12

The Crimson Oath

As part of joining the Crimson Reclaimers, knights swear an oath that can grant them powers. However, only Clarethe knows the mysterious patron to whom the oath is sworn to and this, alongside the number of undead in the ranks of the Reclaimers, has drawn much criticism and wariness towards the order.2

While some knights only swear the oath once as part of their initiation, for many, the oath is more than a source of power. Those who truly believe in it draw great mental strength and conviction from it, and can identify those like them with a mere glance through the telltale signs of the oath: a fire in the eyes, a prowling stance, and a powerful thrum in the voice. These knights often repeat the oath as part of their daily routine, before going into battle or even mumble it in their sleep.1


The Crimson Reclaimers were formed during the week known as the Reforging in 4719 AR. Clarethe Iomedar arrived in the city of Vellumis that week, alight with the passion of her newly formed and mysterious oath. There, she argued vehemently with Kalabrynne Iomedar regarding how best to deal with the Whispering Tyrant, compounded by the fact that the body of Gwyndria Iomedar, her mother and Kalabrynne's wife, had been lost together with Vigil and might now be a tool for the enemy. At the argument's conclusion, Clarethe left together with a number of her followers to aid a band of knights, and thus the Knights of Lastwall were split into the Shining Sentinels and the Crimson Reclaimers. Still, amends were made afterwards, and while the two factions each go about their mission to stop the Whispering Tyrant differently, they appreciate and understand each others' strengths and weaknesses.1


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