Clarethe Iomedar

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Clarethe Iomedar
Clarethe Iomedar.

Sunset Angel
Champion (Liberator)
Vigil, Lastwall (originally);
Gravelands (currently)
Source: Knights of Lastwall, pg(s). 43

Clarethe Iomedar is the bold and daring child of Kalabrynne Iomedar and the de facto leader of the Crimson Reclaimers.12


Young, broad-shouldered and already heavily scarred, Clarethe strikes an imposing figure. In contrast to the more traditional Shining Sentinels, she is often clad in dark and spiked armour.1


Clarethe was born to Kalabrynne and Gwyndria Iomedar in the city of Vigil and joined the Lastwall military as a squire at a young age.3

The fall of Lastwall at the hands of the Whispering Tyrant and the loss of her mother, Gwyndria, in that catastrophe had a large impact on the Sunset Angel, who has made it her mission to see Vigil restored and the land reclaimed. In pursuit of this, she acquired a blessing from an unknown power and can extend that power to others through the swearing of the Crimson Oath. Many rumours and stories surround Clarethe and her powers and many fear what exactly the reclaimers are swearing an oath to.4


Clarethe wields the first crimson brand, a crimson bastard sword with powers granted by the Crimson Oath, it is especially effective against undead.4


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