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Nation Lastwall
Size Large city
Population 12,340

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 90

Vellumis is the oldest and largest city in the nation of Lastwall. Situated on the shores of Lake Encarthan, it serves as the port of embarkation and debarkation for soldiers traveling in and out of the country on their way to keep watch over the terrors of Ustalav and the Hold of Belkzen.[1]


Vellumis is a scenic port, with many buildings marble-clad, domed, and colonnaded in the once-popular Chelish Old White style (characterized by whitewashed walls, ornately decorated eaves, and massive arched windows). The city is the home of all foreign embassies and diplomats in Lastwall, in an effort to keep possible spies far from the front.[2]

Places of interest

Uscalin Lodge
The meeting place for Pathfinder Society members within the region.[3][4]