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Etran's Folly

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Etran's Folly
Titles Plaguestone
Nation Isger
Size Small town
Population ca. 300
Ruler Mayor Targen Fulst

Source: The Fall of Plaguestone, pg(s). 51

Etran's Folly, originally named Etranton, and also known as Plaguestone, is a tiny Isgeri town that has seen better days.[1]


Etran's Folly lies on a road between the Five Kings Range and the Aspodell Mountains that connects Elidir and Almas. As this route is only used by merchants who seek to avoid Cheliax, the town has never been anything more than a stopover point for them. Aside from the Feedmill and the ruins on Etran's Hill, the buildings in town are of wattle-and-daub construction, with thick thatch roofs.[1][2]


Etranton was founded by Etran Bolmere, an immigrant from Taldor. Five years after Etranton's foundation, Etran and his family died in a fire that gave the town its current name.[2]

Just after the Goblinblood Wars, Etran's Folly was struck by an epidemic. Nearly half of the population died, and the town gained the moniker 'Plaguestone', after a stone that the healthy used to safely give food to the sick and dying.[1]


Many residents live outside Etran's Folly proper, in nearby farms or small houses on the outskirts. The buildings on the north side are mostly empty and crumbling, as it was the area hit hardest by the plague; only squatters with no official deeds and desperate people live there. Despite hardships, the people of Etran's Folly are generally friendly to visitors.[2]