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Large town
Many gnomes
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 82

The gnome settlement of Umok can be found in central Isger on the northeastern edge of the Chitterwood. It has suffered an existence rife with conflict with local goblin tribes, and only the intervention of a visiting gnome paladin of Shelyn, Challo Fignoble, protected Umok through the final battles of the Goblinblood Wars.12

Goblinblood Wars

Umok had long been a target of the local goblins and hobgoblins of the Chitterwood, especially the Stinkbat, Rotstump, Nine Toes, and Eyegrease tribes, but it was not until the recent Goblinblood Wars (46974701 AR) that the town had truly to fear for its existence. The now extinct Eyegrease tribe in particular besieged Umok for over a year, and many believe that town would have fallen without Challo's help.1

Town defenses

To avoid attracting fire-obsessed goblins, the gnomes of Umok forbid fire within 500 yards of the village. Gnomish magic lights the streets rather than torches, while alchemically heated stones replace fire for heating and cooking. As an additional layer of defense, the gnomes have domesticated, befriended, or even charmed many nearby animals, including rodents, deer, wolves, bears, birds, and reptiles. These animals often wander through town, acting like pets when alone with the gnomes or friendly visitors. When approached by hostile outsiders, however, they tend to revert to their feral roots. Some animals have even formed special bonds with certain families or people and will sacrifice themselves in defense of their charges.21


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