Haugin's Ear

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Haugin's Ear

Small town
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 85

The Isgeri town of Haugin's Ear is situated on the Keld River south of the Chitterwood, right on the border with Cheliax.12


The town is named for a local stone outcropping on the river side of the town shaped like a giant's head and ear. Legend tells that this giant (whose name was Haugin) was turned to stone by a Taldan wizard long ago, and that the creature's petrified body parts are still strewn around the countryside. Regardless of the story's veracity, the rock shaped like the giant's head can be seen on the river from miles away and serves as a landmark for travelers. Locals also believe that the outcropping contains secret rooms that draw in children, although such chambers have never been discovered. Nevertheless, at least one child disappears from Haugin's Ear every year for unexplained reasons.1


Most people in town earn their living by fishing the Keld and selling salted fish, ice, and tamed firefoot fennecs to trade caravans and the few miners who eke out a living panning for gold in the nearby Aspodell Mountains.1


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