Quesamian Hill

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Quesamian Hill is a strange location, often lost for decades amongst the foothills of Isger, and even considered something of a folk legend amongst the Isgeri. Depending on the visitor, Quesamian Hill appears differently: sometimes as a beautiful temple, or a treasure filled tomb, or a hellish prison. While this might sound like fanciful storytelling, the explanation is much more bizarre. Millennia before the first human ever set foot in Isger, the area was visited by Qanar, an incredibly powerful type of planar giant known as a Nirvana gigas. Qanar is and was trapped in an endless sleep where her dreams manifest into reality. In ancient times, she dreamt up a portal that brought her sleepwalking into Isger and, as she wandered the land, she was buried beneath an avalanche. But, still she dreams. The bury zone of this avalanche is what is now known as the Quesamian Hill and beneath it, Qanar still sleeps, endlessly dreaming of a fantastical dungeon filled with bizarre beasts and wonderful treasures that rewards the pure of heart but punishes the wicked.1


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