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The Starrise Spire, the highest building of all Nerosyan, continuously shines in even the darkest of nights. The beacon of the spire never fades as long as at least one defender still resides in the city. This beacon provided hope and relief to adventurers that crusaders still stood against the demons of the Worldwound,1 and continues to operate as a center of restoration efforts since its closure into the Sarkoris Scar.2 Before the Pathfinder Society was tasked to protect the city, the city's crusaders defended its walls.12

The Starrise Spire's venture-captain is Jorsal of Lauterbury,12 a well-decorated Mwangi man with over 50 advances into the Worldwound under his belt.1 Jorsal delegates divine magic training and consecration of the Spire's holy sites to Seeker Ereth Brightmane.2


Pathfinders who entered Starrise Spire during the Mendevian Crusades against the Worldwound were required to abide by these rules:3

  1. The duty befalls all Pathfinders staying in the Spire to stand against demonic attacks against the city, and if needed, participate in strikes into the Worldwound. While a Pathfinder can join as many crusades as desired, the Decemvirate firmly stipulates that Queen Galfrey cannot draft any individual more than twice per year. Furthermore, all Pathfinders retain the right to purchase a waiver out of the Queen's draft, provided they pay for their accommodation for as long as they remain on her property. The cost of the waiver remains subject to the Queen's whim.
  2. A portion of all lodge income must be paid to Queen Galfrey to help fund Nerosyan's military and for the general upkeep and maintenance of the city. The current lodge tithe stands at 15%.
  3. Within the city proper, Pathfinders must adhere to city law. What happens within their lodge or beyond the city's walls remains their own business.


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