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Vodavani Lodge

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Many Pathfinders arrive at the Vodavani Lodge, sometimes called the Havenguard Lunatic Asylum[1], in Caliphas from all over the Inner Sea region from where they proceed to explore the various sites of interest in Ustalav, including:[2][3]

Unfortunately, Ustalav is considered one of the more dangerous postings for Pathfinders and the frequency of losing Society members in this nation to death, corruption or even worse, is very high.[2]

Dr. Beaurigmand Trice acts as the venture-captain for the lodge.[4]


  1. It seems that Paizo uses two separate names for the Pathfinder lodge in Caliphas depending on the source. There is no evidence that there are two lodges in Caliphas so, until proven otherwise, we assume that the Vodavani Lodge and the Havenguard Lunatic Asylum are two names for the same lodge
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