Irrere (town)

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Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 181

The town of Irrere, located on the island of Irrere in the Ironbound Archipelago, is renowned for its exotic architecture. The establishment of the gnome monastery of Shay Citadels close to the town led to an increase in the town's population.1

Its residents enforce a policy of extreme isolationism, although gnomes frequently make pilgrimages to Irrere, especially those who are feeling the effects of the Bleaching. It is believed that the monks of the Shay Citadels possess curative magic that can ward off this racial curse.1

Although few natives leave Irrere, those who do often possess great wisdom and insight—a result of deep self-reflection typically uncharacteristic of other gnomes.2

New Thassilon

After the founding of New Thassilon in 4718 AR,3 Runelord Belimarius moved quickly to annex islands of the Ironbound Archipelago.45


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