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Lake Stormunder

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Lake Stormunder is a freshwater lake located in north-western Varisia, close to the border with the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. It is fed by numerous rivers and streams from the Kodar Mountains,1 as well as plentiful underwater geysers which cause its surface to roil and churn, giving the lake its name.2 Rocs are a danger to anyone idling by the shore of the lake as they regularly hunt for prey over the waters of the lake.3 The Steam River flows out of the lake, eventually emptying into the Steaming Sea.1 On the lake's eastern shore lies the Rimeskull mountain, so named because of a roughly skull-shaped outcropping near its peak. At the foot of the mountain is an almost perfectly preserved Thassilonian ruin called the Sihedron Circle, which has only been recently revealed to be a magical portal to a location known as the Runeforge.4