Chakikoth Isle

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Chakikoth Isle, center.

Chakikoth Isle is an island in the Ironbound Archipelago of the Steaming Sea, located between the islands of Irrere and The Gasher.1 Once an independent island separate from the Linnorm Kingdom of the Ironbound Islands, the rise of New Thassilon has seen the nascent nation's region of Edasseril claim it.2

The ruins of Old Xin-Edasseril were the former site of the capital of the Thassilonian realm of Edasseril, before Runelord Belimarius moved it to the east in -5402 AR. Many scholars of Thassilon erroneously believe that the ruins on Chakikoth Isle remained the capital until Earthfall.345


During the chaotic year of 4606 AR at the beginning of the Age of Lost Omens, refugees of crime lords in Riddleport led by the brothers Dartanious and Santwi stole two ships and fled to Chakikoth Isle, where they founded the settlement of Osprey Cove. Dartanious, a Gorumite, later clashed with his Caydenite brother and led like-minded settlers approximately 18 miles6 down the coast to found Iron Harbor. The stretch of coast between the settlements is known as the Kindred Coast.7


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