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Source: Ready? Fight!, pg(s). 70

Jakabu is a whale-like kaiju whose once-per-generation appearance over the Ikkaku Peninsula in northern Minkai is considered a boundary between eras.1


Jakabu resembles a massive flying whale with ghostly glowing flesh and sunken red eyes. It is always surrounded by undead seagulls, flying fish, and stranger creatures.1


A few weeks before Jakabu appears, the waters around northern Minkai grow still, some fish float up to the surface, alive but unmoving, and seagulls observe sailors on ships with disturbing focus. Every evening, a lilting moan can be heard, and it becomes louder every day. When the lunar eclipse comes, Jakabu breaches the ocean and rises into the sky.

For three days, residents of the Ikkaku Peninsula turn off all lights except a line of torches that leads Jakabu to Mount Kumijinja, where it flies high into the sky and disappears. If the light is unavailable (usually during wartime), Jakabu aimlessly wanders over Minkai, wreaking havoc for weeks, before stumbling upon its destination.1


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