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Source: Monsters of Myth, pg(s). 37

Mantraska, the World Talon is a kaiju who considers herself guardian of the forest against civilisation and other kaiju.1


Mantraska is a mountain-sized raptor covered entirely in greenery.2 Even explorers who walk beneath Mantraska's wings often fail to discern her presence, since her plumage is nearly indistinguishable from normal plants. Her head and body resemble a mountain, her legs look like fallen tree trunks, her wings mimic the canopy, and her breath is compared to the whisper or rumble of the deep forest.1


Every 250 years, Mantraska commutes between the Forest of Spirits and the Valashmai Jungle. A day before taking flight, she awakens and sheds her feathers, which are soft, lightweight and particularly valued as a luxury textile. Her migration has occasionally introduced invasive species from one forest to the other. The Raindrops of Forests, who worship Mantraska, have been known to ransack numerous houses just to destroy one item of clothing made from her feathers.1