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Source: Monsters of Myth, pg(s). 38

Shbloon the Vortex Maw is a kaiju responsible for creating numerous whirlpools in the Valashmai Sea.1


Shbloon is said to look like a slimy, pale cuttlefish with some hundred tentacles.1


Rumour has it that Shbloon's tentacles can create a whirlpool that lasts years, posing a threat to ships and sea beasts alike. Because of this, most intelligent sea creatures avoid the region for fear of becoming Shbloon's prey. Kaiju scholars often argue the true meaning of the number of whirlpools: some consider them to be but traps, others believe that Shbloon might be multiple creatures, and yet others suggest that Shbloon has multiple mouths, and is thus the biggest kaiju in existence, since the whirlpools can be a mile away from each other.1


In 4720 AR, when an ancient Nagajor ship rose to the Valashmai Sea's surface, rumours of treasure troves in Shbloon's stomach emerged: a century ago, one of its whirlpools caught a pleasure cruise fleet carrying many young nobles. Only one ship managed to return with all the important guests, except a princess of Lung Wa who tried and failed to retrieve her royal seal. While these seals no longer hold any authority, many collectors still prize them.1


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