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Type Magical beast
(air, kaiju)
CR 27
Environment Warm mountains

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 166-167

Agyra is an airborne kaiju dwelling in a remote tropical island with the ability to resurrect herself and bearing a particular hatred of Mogaru.[1]


Agyra resembles a two-headed pterosaur with a wingspan of over 150 feet. Her tail is covered with razor-sharp blades and wicked spines capable of slashing through buildings.[1]


If Agyra is killed, her corpse crackles and flashes with electricity for a minute before she comes back to life. Agyra typically takes advantage of this second chance to escape as soon as possible. Agyra can only be reborn in this manner once per year; if she is slain a second time before a year has passed, her death is permanent and her corpse does not become electrified.[1]


Agyra dwells on a dormant volcano in a remote, rarely-visited tropical island. She is surprisingly protective of the tribes who share her island and sometimes rouses herself from sleep to defend them from pirates or slavers, though she might simply be defending her perceived territory, as local villages also suffer significant damage during these rampages. When these natives are caught as slaves, Agyra has been known to follow the slavers to their destination cities and rampage, with no regard to the safety of the slaves themselves.[1]

Rumour has it that certain shamans on the island know how to waken and control Agyra, and that her rampages are the result of an ancient bargain forged between her and the natives' ancestors. Some speculate that such rituals require the sacrifice of trespassers, but this may be nothing more than superstition or propaganda spread to keep foreigners away.[1]


Scholars believe that Agyra and Mogaru have been enemies for longer than humanity has existed, and she often leaves her lair to clash with him. Mogaru's penchant for attacking coastal cities often results in a devastating escalation when Agyra arrives to fight him, and sometimes she has been deliberately lured by the residents of cities attacked by Mogaru. Agyra typically manages to weaken Mogaru enough to drive him off, but is often killed as well, resurrecting and returning to her lair.[1]


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