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Magical beast
(air, kaiju)
Warm mountains
Source: Bestiary 4, p. 166–167 (1E)
Monsters of Myth, p. 37 (2E)

Agyra is an airborne kaiju who dwells in the Taumata region of Tian Xia capable of resurrecting herself. She bears a particular hatred of Mogaru.1


Agyra resembles a two-headed pterosaur with a wingspan of over 150 feet. Her tail is covered with razor-sharp blades and wicked spines capable of slashing through buildings.12[citation needed]


If Agyra is killed, her corpse crackles and flashes with electricity for a minute before she comes back to life. Agyra typically takes advantage of this second chance to escape as soon as possible. Agyra can only be reborn in this manner once per year; if she is slain a second time before a year has passed, her death is permanent and her corpse does not become electrified.2


Legends of Agyra credit her creation to powerful wards created by spellcasters of ancient Taumata to protect their islands from storms. The powerful weather left only their island intact, and the peoples of modern Taumata claim to be descendants of these early islanders. The wards collected so much energy from the storms that Agyra is said to have formed as a result.1

Such legends are often dismissed by scholars who believe Agyra predates Earthfall. However, Agyra has continually defended the solitary island from any threats to its inhabitants and pursues any who attempt to escape over great distances. Her grudges include the kaiju Mogaru, though the source of this resentment remains unknown.1

Animists and totemists worship Agyra to influence the storms she supposedly creates and stage festivals designed to calm her wrath.3


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