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Magical beast
(fire, kaiju)
Warm mountains
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 170-171

Lord Varklops, the Thrice-Headed Fiend, is the most powerful known kaiju and one of the few actively evil ones.1


Varklops is a fiery-orange serpent with three horned heads, a pair of draconic wings, and a long tail tipped with four bony spikes. He is 200 feet long and weighs 16,000 tons.1


Varklops dwells in the heart of an active volcano in the Valashmai Jungle and eagerly hunts and kills other kaiju, who cannot use recovery to save themselves from his attacks. When Varklops wishes to destroy and there is no kaiju prey for him, he turns to razing cities for pleasure.12

Being vulnerable to cold, Varklops has no interest in polar regions, but his greatest weakness is his inflated ego. When facing multiple kaiju, Varklops often gets distracted and frustrated, and several societies have taken advantage of this to lure other kaiju to defend them. However, the devastation wrought by multiple kaiju fighting may well exceed that wrought by Varklops alone, so such actions are not taken lightly.1


Varklops' tendency for destruction attracts the attention of apocalypse cultists and deranged, vengeful exiles from cities. He is known to favour those who approach him with requests for targeted devastation, particularly if the offer includes the opportunity to fight another kaiju.1

Varklops particularly hates Mogaru, the one kaiju who is completely immune to his kaiju-slaying abilities. The reasons for this immunity are unknown, but the feeling is mutual and battles between the two are the stuff of legend. Mogaru has teamed up with Yarthoon to drive off Varklops multiple times.13


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