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Type Ooze
(kaiju, water)
CR 29
Environment Warm swamps

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 172-173

Vorgozen, also called the Shapeless Feeder or Queen Vorgozen by those who wish to abolish magic from the world, is a young protoplasmic kaiju that absorbs and pollutes magic.[1]


Vorgozen is a mound of protoplasm nearly 80 feet in diameter and weighs 24,000 tons. She can dematerialise and seep into the terrain, infusing it with her magical pollution.[1]


Vorgozen is younger than most other kaiju, having been created in an accident that destroyed a remote academy in a swamp where wizards were toying with some kind of powerful magic. It is suggested this toying was reverse-engineering an artefact in an attempt to distil the powers held within the core of a once-flying city.[1]


Since her accidental birth, Vorgozen has seeped through the world, drawn by powerful magical auras or supernatural foci. The powerful magic of other kaiju is particularly coveted by Vorgozen: she enjoys polluting them more than any other, and is often drawn to places where they rampage.[1]


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