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Cimurlian, the Great Bear of the Frozen North, is a polar bear-like kaiju who dwells in the frozen wastes of the Crown of the World.1


Cimurlian resembles a polar bear over 400 feet long, whose fur is as white as the snow. Only her eyes, which glow like stars, are visible through the blizzards that herald her presence. Massive chunks of ice grow out in spikes from her fur, in which hundreds of animal bones are frozen. Her body absorbs all heat within a mile, creating flashes of blinding light and loud pops, and flash-freezing any warm-blooded creatures that approach. Each step Cimurlian takes can be felt for miles, as ice cascades off her body and smashes the ground.1


Cimurlian roams a thousand-mile path which makes a rough circle around the circumference of the pole, and gives the Path of Aganhei a wide berth due to her seeming aversion of interacting with smaller creatures; only the hardiest explorers of the High Ice could hope to meet her. She hibernates for centuries at once around the frozen lakes of the Lustral Spires, and the ice caves of this range are filled with the equipment of countless failed kaiju hunters.1


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