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Lergeni astrology

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Lergeni astrology is a philosophy based on astrological practices of the lost nation of Lirgen.[1] Its priests claim to draw upon the power of the cosmos itself rather than a deity, but seem able to replicate the abilities possessed by the clerics of more "mainstream" religions.[2]


The now-lost nation of Lirgen was ruled by philosophers of astrology called the Saoc Brethren until its destruction 100 years ago.[3]

Some of the survivors settled in Jaha in the Mwangi Expanse, which had featured prominently in prophecy. These rogue astrologers disassociated themselves from the surviving Lirgeni theocrats [4] and established their own theocracy. Their leader took the title High Star Seeker, and the current holder of that office rules today with the advice of his council of priestly astrologers.


Their holiest site could be considered to be the dome of the ancient temple at the centre of Jaha, which only the most senior astrologer-priests are allowed to visit. When the door to this spherical chamber is closed, the walls become a perfect, 360 degree map of the stars.[5]