Esoteric tradition

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The esoteric tradition, also known as ancient wisdom, is an occult metaphysical philosophy that believes a complete understanding of a hidden truth in the multiverse's makeup, and in particular the role of the energy planes, can grant a person the ability to guide their own reincarnation after death.1


The esoteric tradition believes the multiverse is driven only by positive and negative energy, not in opposition but rather integrated with one another and with all other forms of energy derived from those two sources. This focus on the Inner Sphere de-emphasizes the role of the Outer Sphere and Astral Plane in relation to the mainstream arcane tradition.1

This unified cycle of creation and destruction is metaphorically described as the exhalation and inhalation of one universal breath, and the esoteric tradition believes all multiversal life is unified by a single transcendental undersoul known as the monad, or "condition of all." In this model, life is segmented by distance from the Cosmic Fire of the Positive Energy plane, with aeons closest to its center and mortals much further away. The Void's entropic powers are considered vital to the multiverse's own growth toward perfection, instead of an antagonistic evil void of mindless destruction.12


Practitioners believe that a complete understanding of the esoteric tradition grants them control over their own destiny, including the cycle of reincarnation. This allows them to pursue perfection of body, mind, and soul, as well as immortality and expanded consciousness.1


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