Circle of Hierophants

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The Circle of Hierophants is a circle of stone menhirs created in Sarkoris, but located today in the Stonewilds of the Worldwound. The druids of the Green Faith worshiped here, as this was the greatest of their stone circles.1

Hundreds of stones of varied sizes make up the many circles located at the site. Many of the circles has stones placed at exact angles beyond the known ability of man to build repeatedly. Each stone has rituals, legends, and secrets carved into them. Unlocking these carvings is beyond those who do not practice the Green Faith. Some of these circles are on small hills overlooking the main circle, giving the area a feeling of depth. Six of the circles are around cave mouths that reportedly led to deeper caves and even more stone circles. While leaders of the faith used to protect these caves, now the corrupted siabraes live within.1


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