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Small town
Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 37

As of 4713 AR, Valahuv was a tiny town in the Sarkoris Scar that hadresisted the invading demonic hordes of the Worldwound for over a century. Unfortunately, it drew the strength for its independence from its daemonic overlord Ommors, the Bringer of Twilight, who was worshiped as a goddess.12


The village had tall gated walls of stones cut from a nearby cliffside, making the town more difficult to notice from a distance. Small, protective farms surrounded it.3


The walled village's residents claimed that the god caller Feinroh Balemoon and his eidolon, Tammerri the Dawncaller, protected them, but in truth it was the presence of the sangudaemon Ommors that deterred demonic incursion.4 Feinroh cared about his people but was suspicious of outsiders and pragmatic about Ommors' presence: he regretted the blood sacrifices that she demanded but viewed them as a fair price for the town's safety. He did his best to feed her criminals and raiders (and the occasional nosy outsider), and was quick to remind adventurers that if the daemon were dead, the demons would come.1

Since the closing of the Worldwound at the end of the Fifth Mendevian Crusade in 4718 AR, the village's fate remains unknown.5


The Pathfinder Tales novel King of Chaos is set in part in Valahuv.

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