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Nation Sarkoris Scar
Region Riftshadow
Size Small city
Population 5,240
(during the Worldwound)

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 35–36

Raliscrad was a city located at the confluence of the Sarkora and Isk Rivers in the region of the Sarkoris Scar (formerly the Worldwound) known as the Riftshadow.[1]


In the days of Old Sarkoris, Raliscrad was a prosperous settlement on one of the most heavily trafficked waterways in the region whose Kellid inhabitants worshiped both the Green Faith and Pharasma. Soon after the opening of the Worldwound in 4606 AR, it was abandoned in a hurry, so much so that its citizens left much of their accumulated wealth behind.[2][1]

It remained a thriving city under demonic control, achieving a population of over 5,000 inhabitants. Unlike most of the other cities of the Worldwound, Raliscrad had a significant human population who were willing to work under their demonic overlord, the lilitu Minagho.[3]

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