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Pulura's Fall

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Pulura's Fall is located in the Worldwound, north-east of the city of Iz.[1][2] Maybe one of the only places not fully controlled by demons in the Wounded Lands, a temple of Pulura, led by the powerful cleric Eliandra, is set in the dried-up waterfall.[3]


The temple is home to clerics of Pulura.[3]


The temple is in a drained lake bed haunted by ghosts and other undead, and contains potent anti-demon wards. The site has a perpetual, light snowfall during the day, with a clear night sky overhead.[3]


Pulura's Fall has been besieged by a demon lord named Deskari and his army since 4607 AR,[4] the year after the opening of the Worldwound. The defences of the temple and the clerics inside have not broken to this day. Before the fall of the city of Iz, noble families used the lake and rivers for burials, floating barges down river. The clerics at the waterfall would bless and burn the remains, then send the remains down the falls. As the lands burned and decayed with the opening of the Worldwound, the waters dried up, and all that remains at the bottom of the falls are wrecked barges with bones and other offerings sent with their masters down the falls.

During the First Mendevian Crusade, demon necromancers woke the dead below the falls to assault the temple and its clerics. Anyone caught by the undead or demon army trying to escape or giving aid to the temple is hunted down and killed.[3]