Sea dragon

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Sea dragon
Luong Phung, a sea dragon.

Sea dragons (also known as jiaolungs) are a benevolent race of imperial dragon who inhabit the waters off the continent of Tian Xia and serve as protectors for large stretches of sea and coastline and for the creatures that live there.12 They have also been spotted by sailors in the Obari and Okaiyo Oceans.3


Sea dragons are typically found in shades of blue with prominent dorsal and tail fins to aid in swimming, though they can appear in as many vibrant colors as ocean life. The dragons typically have disk-shaped, fish-like scales and webbed hands and feet. Sea life will often grow on and live around sea dragons the older they get, with ancient sea dragons often developing a small coral reef around their antlers.4


Sea dragons are closely tied to the waters they inhabit, and possess a great degree of control over them. The breath weapon of the sea dragon is a pulverizing ball of water. When struck with fire, sea dragons can quickly turn into a stream of water, negating much of the attack. Per the draconic cycle, all sea dragons have a close affinity to metal, strengthening their already tough hide when struck with a metal weapon. Their inherent weakness to earth manifests in suppressing their ability to liquefy when struck with earth-aspected magic.4 Older dragons can create strong vortexes of water and even control the weather,5 and truly ancient sea dragons can summon towering tidal waves against their opponents.6

Known sea dragons

The ancient sea dragon Weixiyuan has been known to help sailors in need of aid near his territory close to the Valashmai Sea, though the dragon himself stays away from the sea proper due to its dangerous denizens.6


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