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Sea dragon

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Sea dragon
Type Dragon
CR 4–20 (by age category)
Environment Any water
(Tian Xia)

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 96–97

Sea dragons (also known as jiaolungs) are a benevolent race of imperial dragon who inhabit the waters off the continent of Tian Xia and serve as protectors for large stretches of sea and coastline and for the creatures that live there;[1][2] they have also been spotted by sailors in the Obari and Okaiyo Oceans.[3]


Sea dragons are closely tied to the waters they inhabit, and possess a great degree of control over them. In addition to their breath weapon—a cloud of boiling steam—sea dragons can summon tsunamis, and walk on water as if it were solid land, as well as teleport between any two bodies of water of their choosing.[1]

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