Endless Gulf

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The mile-wide rift known as the Endless Gulf is one of the most infamous areas of the Darklands realm of Sekamina. Located far beneath north-western Andoran below the Candlestone Caverns,12 this canyon begins beneath the Nar-Voth city of the Court of Ether and stretches all the way down to the Midnight Mountains in Orv.34


The rift plunges thousands of feet all the way down through Sekamina, finally opening out into the vault of Orv known as the Midnight Mountains. Its nearly shear walls make exploration of the Endless Gulf a tricky prospect, although thousands of passages and caverns honeycomb its walls. At one time, a number of rock bridges linked the sides of the Gulf, but these were destroyed by drathnelars5 in order to make it more difficult for the Gulf's denizens to spread to other areas.6


A vast number of stalactites grow down from the ceiling above the rift, and here the dark fey have built a hanging city known as the Court of Ether. The dark fey inhabitants of the Court include gremlins, mites, redcaps, and pixies. They can sometimes be found riding specially bred bloodseekers, and there have also been sightings of gryphs. Further down, there are colonies of doombats, mobats, ropers, and cave fishers. Drathnelars, their xorn, and other allies maintain a cautious watch on the Court of Ether.36

Dire corbies

The best known rookery of dire corbies make their home here, made more dangerous by the leadership of an exiled harpy called Nevaki. The harpy is using captives as slave labour to try and build a number of rickety rope bridges to span the Gulf.6 There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dire corbies under her rule,7 in addition to Nevaki's deformed, flightless offspring who retain their mother's siren call.6


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