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The Black Pyramid of Xibalba.
Titles The Land of Dread
Sphere Inner Sphere
Alignment Neutral evil
Denizens Camazotz
Sahkil tormentors & Sahkils
Description Demiplane within the Ethereal Plane
the domain of the sahkils.
Images of Xibalba

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 219
Zipacna, a local.

Xibalba, the Land of Dread, is the realm of the sahkils. It is formed from the focused fears of billions of mortals, and is like a solid island in the hazy and indistinct Ethereal Plane. Different types of terrain radiate out from a seemingly abandoned city atop a high hill, all of which are studies in fright and terror. At the centre of this desolate city is a massive black stepped pyramid, the Black Pyramid, home to many of the sahkil tormentors.[1][2]

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