Styrian Kindler

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Styrian Kindler

ca. 4670 AR1
(about 53 years old)
Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 58–60

Styrian Kindler is a researcher and explorer, and nephew of famed author Ailson Kindler. Though based in Caliphas, he is currently searching the Lost Coast of Varisia for stories of the Sandpoint Devil.2


Styrian's mother was Ellishan Kindler3, sister of then-Pathfinder Ailson Kindler, and his father was solicitor Blake Thorenly of Ardis. Styrian was a rambunctious child egged on by his aunt, who regaled him with tales of her adventures and secrets of the Kindler family estate in August House.2 However, Ailson doesn't necessarily approve of his adventuring ways.4


Styrian's works include the Account of Ostog the Unslain, which describes the extraordinary survival of the titular Ulfen barbarian in adventures across western Avistan.5


F. Wesley Schneider created and plays Styrian, leading to a section being dedicated to Styrian in the NPC Guide.

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